1. kellyonthefritz:

    Ok wait though

    I’ve told a few people about this, but this may be helpful to all of you

    the best thing I’ve ever learned to do to self-soothe when my depression gets bad is to visualize my mind like this windshield

    it’s covered in film and dirt and awful things

    and i just think of a windshield and only a windshield

    i concentrate deeply on the dirty windshield

    and think of wiping it clean 

    back and forth and back and forth

    for as long as i need to

    until all the junk on it is gone

    and it’s the most wonderfully soothing thing

    and it doesn’t solve my problems but it helps me calm down and clear the chaos out of my mind and think about things a little more rationally

    this has been an announcement

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  3. bloomin-eck:


    remember when a girl from my school wore a dress the same color as the green screen at prom


    oh yes


    her date did too


    That is actually kind of awesome. 

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  4. jakajak:

    Have a beautiful and delicious Easter everyone! 

    Sweet marinated pumpkin + avocado + rocket + cucamber + radish + pomegranate
    Grapefruit + cucamber + fresh mint + cashew +pomegranate 

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  5. gallifreyanpanicmoon:

    This guy has achieved more with a webcam and his dog than I ever have in my life.

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  6. vinyl-artwork:

    Nick Drake - Pink Moon, 1972.

    Cover by Michael Trevithick.

    Nick Drake - Pink Moon (Full Album)

  7. the60sbazaar:

    Nick Drake 

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